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10th Queensland Weed Symposium,
July 2009

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Weed Society of Queensland Inc.
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Weeds in Focus

This section is intended to provide information about some of the new and emerging weeds in Queensland. It will focus on species that have recently become naturalised that are thought to pose a serious weed threat, as well as species that have been around for some time but have become of greater concern recently due to their increased rate of spread.

Monkey's comb (Pithecoctenium crucigerum) Coming soon
Hiptage (Hiptage benghalensis) updated November 2009
Telegraph weed (Heterotheca grandiflora) updated December 2010
Brillantaisia (Brillantaisia lamium) Coming soon
Long-leaved willow primrose (Ludwigia longifolia) Coming soon
Moonflower (Ipomoea alba) Coming soon
Dyschoriste (Dyschoriste depressa) Coming soon
Thalia (Thalia geniculata) Coming soon
Kudzu (Pueraria lobata) Coming soon

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